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Broken Things

March 1, 2015

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Before a thing can be made useful, something must be broken. Before the house is built, the tree must be broken down. Before the foundation can be laid, the rocks must be blasted from their quarry bed where they have long laid in peace and quiet. Before the ripe grain can cover the fields, the soil must be completely broken down. Before there can be life, there must be death. Before there can be joy, there must be weeping. This is the law of life in the natural realm, and it is the law of life in the spiritual sphere also. There is no making without breaking.

We are living in a broken world today. All that seems permanent and enduring is being broken down; the history of the world is but the breaking of governments, systems, ideals and programs. The history of every human life, too, is the history of breaking.

To the child of God, however, every broken thing is but the assurance that God is making something useful. How needful it is for you who today are sorrowing over bitter losses and repining on beds of illness, you whose bodies are broken, to remember that,

God is working all things work together for good (Romans 8:28).

 MR De HaanM.R. DeHaan (1891-1965)
Broken Things
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