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Truth May Lead to Haughty Arrogance

March 5, 2015

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Paul was upright enough to confess that the extraordinary revelations he received put him in danger of being haughty or arrogant. In his struggle against this tendency his suffering was of considerable help. This is spiritual Sonship.

Paul wrote his highest revelations while in prison, but he also points out that, where these are not carefully administered, they may lead to haughty arrogance. If our apostle discovered this dangerous root in himself, we should realize what we may find in our own hearts.

Only advantages are seen by Paul in suffering, in the light of the commencement of the new order, and we feel that, even if God refused to heal him, he cannot commend enough the advantages of the new grace.

M. Jaegle
Unsearchable Riches, Volume 47 (1956)
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